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Welcome to Triple K Upholstery™

Triple K Upholstery™ custom motorcycle seats and custom upholstery installations are hand crafted from premium leathers and the highest quality materials, and designed to your exacting specifications. Triple K Upholstery™ also designs and builds custom motorcycle seats in exotic skins, such as alligator, sting ray, ostrich, snake, etc. These exotic leathers can also be installed in classic cars, boats, and our popular bar stools. Every seat or custom upholstery installation is made to the customer's individual specifications, taste and budget.

Triple K Upholstery

Save Your Butt

Triple K Upholstery™ is also the leading installer of Motorcycle Seat Pads and Gel Inserts in the area. We are proud to install The Pro Pad gel seats, which are unrivaled in the industry. Our seat pad and gel insert installations absorb much of the shock and vibration from the road, reducing rider/driver fatigue and shortening recovery time on long rides or drives. More Info...

Triple K Upholstery

Our Photo Gallery

Make sure you visit our Photo Gallery. There are pictures of some of the projects we have completed, sorted by category.

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