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As owner of Triple K Upholstery, I Tim Pearson have designed, built, and installed 100's of custom seats since 1989.
Starting out doing van conversions, hotrods, and other upholstery projects. After a couple of years I briefly touched into the furniture department. Two years into the furniture upholstery, I realized that the auto, marine, and motorcycle seats was where I was meant to be. Although it's still nice to dip into a couch or chair once in a while to mix things up.

Following the furniture experience came the auto glass and trim learning days. This lasted for 8 years with the labor postition, manager and then ownership of the trim and glass shop.

Shortly after having three children (Kaitlyn, Karly, Katrena, my "Triple K") a short break ocurred but keeping certain avenues open. When the time was rite I jumped into the custom bike seat projects in which i havent looked back and thats when Triple K Upholstery began in 2006. The upholstery currently specializing in custom bike seats has never been so enjoyable for myself and others, and without the help of my families time, patience, and hands on help, this wouldn't be possible.

  We would like to thank those from the past shows(CBBO, Biketoberfest, Toronto shows, The Eagles Nest, Clares Cycle Ridersmag, Niagara Choppers, Dyno Tunes, Xotic Customs, T&T Fabricating, Bandito Racing (Tony and Chuckles), the local and long distance shops and customers, etc.) who have made us who we are, and brought us to where we are today.


Pro Pad Inc., for joining Triple K Upholstery in a new business venture by making us your Canadian Dealer/Installer of Pro Pad Gels. We now supply the leading edge of gels, inserts,top pads, and pro pads line of motorcycle accs. Thank You Mike, and your team in North Carolina. Everyone here in Canada thanks Pro Pad for the #1 gel provider, and professional service, not to mention your #1 quality in the motorcycle industry.


Thank You,

Tim Pearson and the Triple K Upholstery Family

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